Aiuonturaidmaibasicol is a temporary Installation, halfway between Situationism and Guerrilla Marketing. Its main purpose is to stimulate reflection in the viewer, relying on his imagination and its related psychological mechanisms. To this was added the message of micro -and macro- social utility informed by the work. The idea of this work came from a reflection on the dynamics of public transportation in my hometown. The small size of the little town I used to live in and the efforts of the various local governments to create more cycle tracks in this area should have lead to a significant increase in the use of the bicycle by the local community. Unfortunately this not happened, so I tried to help the community to reflect on it.

The installation is basically composed by a car crashed against a light pole and parked in a unusual manner in an unusual place, above a bike path. The yellow rows of the path are continued on the hood, windshield and door of the car with an adhesive. An explanatory panel located in the vicinity of the work explains the benefits of cycling compared to driving a car. In addition, inside the vehicle a speaker repeats on a slowed loop “I want to ride my bicycle , I want to ride my bike. The initial wonder and curiosity of the viewer will ensure that the message penetrates into his unconscious, and it will determine his future choices in terms of means of locomotion. The city and the way in which people relate to it become so, at the same time, cause and effect, meaning and significance of the work, in a dialectical relationship that, while stimulates reflection on the individual and the urban fabric, it’s its realization



Pissing on Art